C Reactive Protein – Everything You Wanted To Know

Drug companies have established that high levels of LDL or low density lipoprotein in the body are the only reliable indicator of a heart disease. They have also concluded that the best way to decrease the risk is to take drugs like Zocor and Lipitor. As cholesterol reducing drugs are the ones that give the best returns, these pharmaceutical majors will try to promote them of course. However, the truth is far removed from this. A heightened LDL cholesterol level isn’t the sole predictor of any heart ailment. In fact, it is not even the best predictor. In reality, it is a test that looks for an elevated level of C Reactive proteins.

C Reactive Protein – What Is It?

So, what is C Reactive protein? This protein is produced in the body in times of inflammation. Doctors are not exactly sure why some people have a high level of C Reactive protein, while others have normal levels. But they are certain that this protein is associated with heart diseases, strokes, and cardiac arrests.

Doctors agree that testing for C Reactive protein is a better way of assessing a person’s risk for a heart ailment.

How is This Protein Determined?

Determining this is easy really. A blood sample is first taken and then tested in the laboratory. This test is not very expensive as well.

Although doctors unanimously agree that it is a powerful indicator of heart disease, the test is not offered to patients often. That is so because commercial advertisements promote the cholesterol reducing drugs. And because of this, the physicians will rather prescribe this, and not anything else, which may actually be more effective.

It is a fact that C Reactive tests and their drugs are not advertised or promoted. The main reason for this is that, they do not offer high financial returns.

Treating High C Reactive Protein

Drug companies are well aware of the fact that they will lose a lot of money if people are more concerned about their C Reactive levels, rather than their LDD cholesterol level. They have also pointed out that, drugs that reduce cholesterol are also to reduce the C Reactive. But the truth is that, these drugs are both expensive and harmful. The muscle reaction caused by these drugs often disfigures those who try them.

There are several natural and healthier ways to keep the proteins within a permissible limit. Such methods can be used to reduce the high levels.

It has been reported that if you can make some positive changes to your diet, you will be able to reduce your level of C Reactive protein significantly. For instance, if you add plant sterol, soy protein, insoluble fiber and almonds to your eating regime, you might be able to reduce the protein level by as much as 28%.

Other studies also indicate the relation between whole grain consumption and a reduced level of this protein. It has also been seen that people who consumed more of simple carbohydrates, had higher levels of this, than those who consumed complex carbs.

Taking vitamin supplements or minerals are affordable and effective ways of fighting this. Niacin, a B-complex vitamin, is used for reducing cholesterol and the levels of C Reactive. When combined with coenzyme Q10, it is more effective.

So, do not hesitate to ask your doctor for a C Reactive test.

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